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 Mogett 70 Hunter

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PostSubject: Mogett 70 Hunter   Thu Jul 26, 2007 11:54 am

Right now I am seventeen years old.

I am living and always have lived in Sweden.

Character name:



Night Elf

Alchemy / Herbalism, both at 375.

Talents: - And would you respecc if the guild requires it?
9/49/3, and I am willing to respecc if needed, but I think you will like this spec.

What guilds have you been in before?
Empathy(Pre BC) and For The Victory

Reason you left/will leave your guild?
Empathy stopped raiding at release, and I stopped playing. and For The Victory... well it's pretty torn up and it's not working for me so I decided to leave.

Do you have some endgame experience?
(EX: MC, ONY, BWL, AQ, Naxx, Karazhan, Gruul)
I have completed MC, ONY, BWL, AQ 20/40, almost Naxx. And since I started playing again not so long ago I'm familiar with all bosses in Karazhan but only a few in SSC and noone in Gruul. But I have no problem understanding tactics and I often read up on them before raids.

Do you got Teamspeck?
I do, and ventrilo as well.

Are you attuned to karazhan?
I am, but at the moment I am saved because of my last guild but they are not raiding, but I hope to be able to raid with Nèmesis by next wednesday.

Your gear:
My Gear, as you can see I have some things I can improve but because of the gimp in HP I can dps as much as an epic geared hunter easily.

Are you active, and can you raid from 18.00-23.30?
Ofcourse and when progressing it can often get pretty late and I'm without a doubt up for the challenge. And I can play thoose times and more without any problems.

Why do you wanna join Nemesis?
One of the only skilled players in my old guild joined here and from what I've seen browsing around this seems like a good guild to join. His name is Azal and I think he is one of your new members.

Will you farm potions/flasks to raids, so you can give 110% on hard bosses?
Yes, I like to progress. There is nothing more fun, that is why I always do everything in my power to help in any way I can. I'm also trying to get the Arcane Resistance Cauldron but no luck so far.
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Mogett 70 Hunter
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